Princess Leia is the ultimate Disney princess


Daniel Brnjic

Princess Leia has been the flower child of sci-fi geeks for a generation. She is an attractive and strong character who champions both charm and ruthlessness. Since the first “Star Wars” in the 1980’s Princess Leia has appealed to both men and women. Boys have an easy time looking at the attractive Princess as she kills clones, and steals Han Solo’s heart. Girls love her strong demeanor and appreciate the love story between her and Han.

Now that Disney owns “Star Wars” the debate about her being a Disney Princess has begun and I don’t understand why. She is one of the few Disney characters that all middle school boys have the hots for. What better way for Disney to bridge the gender gap by using a Princess who isn’t a cartoon and looks good in a bikini (episode 6). Princess Leia even has the title of Princess. As a young lad I had only watched one “Star Wars” movie but I never forgot Leia in her golden bikini. If Disney wanted to make some major money, they should take Leia and run.

Some may argue that using Leia this way is objectifying her, but I do not think that Carrie Fisher would mind her younger self being plastered on Disney products. Let’s not forget that Leia is the ultimate Princess, she fights for what she believes and loves giving others orders. Women should admire he independent spirit that guides her through the “Star Wars” saga. Honestly I would be sexist to ban Leia from the Princess club because she does not fit the royal housewife profile that revolves around the Disney Princesses.