Softball sets out to exceed high expectations

Ashlyn Brockway


The high school’s softball team is swinging into the new season. The team is currently in the process of tryouts. There are currently 24 students trying out for this year’s team. They finish tryouts on February 25th when the varsity and JV rosters will be revealed.

The coaches for this year’s softball teams are Coach Stuart and Coach Connor. These two coaches have coached high school softball for many years and will continue to lead the team this season.

There are two returning seniors on the softball team this season, Sophia Ehlers and Payton Brownlee. They both are planning on continuing their softball career in college.

Ehlers said that she believes this season will go smoothly.

“I’m really excited about how the pre-season is going” Ehlers said.  “We had more girls try out than ever before and we finally have a JV team. I think we will have a good season this year, everyone is working hard and we hardly lost any of the starting lineup from last year.”

“We have great potential as long as everyone stays focus and keeps up the energy at practice and at every game,” Brownlee said. “We are already close as a team and the team bonding has helped with that so if we work together as a team, we will be successful.”

While the two seniors are very excited for this year’s season, the rest of the team seems to feel the same way. They have already had a get together where the whole team went to Sophia Elhers house for some bonding before the season starts.

There are nine other freshmen who are trying out this year for a spot on the team. Hannah Brockway who is one of the freshman that has decided to try out claims she is excited for the season to start.

“This is my first year that I will be on the high school softball team and I am very excited” Hannah said. “I have been playing softball for as long as I can remember so I’m excited to further my career this season. I am also very happy to have these seniors playing because I think we will have a great season.”

The softball season hasn’t started yet, but are on a good track for having a great season this year.