Makeup is a personal choice


Sydney Bednarski

Makeup is unnecessary


For the past decades, there has been one trend that has not dissolved and replaced by a new one, makeup! While surely the products and styles of makeup have come and gone, the desire of the glamorous makeup look still reigns true.

But something that has been trending as far back as history can go, is natural beauty. Now a days it is not very common to find someone who never wears makeup.

Sophomore Alyssa Newsom never wears makeup unless its for a big event, such as Homecoming.

“I just never have worn makeup and never wanted to start,” she said, “It takes too much time also.”

A lot of people want to wear makeup but they don’t know how to. Newsom on the other hand chooses to be natural and is completely fine with it.

“I’m okay with it, it’s less to worry about,” she said.

Aside from the fact that constantly wearing makeup is very time consuming, it is also very pricey. One tube of mascara can cost up to $25, even makeup brushes are expensive.

“Once I spent around $150 on makeup, and I felt like I had been robbed just so I could keep up with the beauty standards,” junior Mya Morris said.

With the cost and time being an issue for many people, having makeup be part of a daily routine for yourself can be an inconvenience.

Other reasons people wear makeup is to cover insecurities, but sometimes makeup can just make it worse.

Although, some people do wear makeup simply because they just enjoy the way it looks and they love to do it!

Either way, it is important to do what makes you happy. But in the end the most affordable and convenient way to start your day is the natural way.

Why you should wear makeup


Many girls have the struggle of wearing makeup and not wanting to wear it. Many people think makeup is “fake” and just a way to cover up, but that is not always the case.

Makeup is a way to be creative trying different colors of eye shadows or lipsticks that make your face stand out. When you see professionals doing makeup through videos on Youtube or Instagram, you see just how much it actually is an art form and not everyone can do it so well. Its entertaining to sit at a mirror with all different kinds of makeup in front of you with a clear canvas able to do whatever you want.

Makeup may be used to cover up breakouts or just to give you some color, but it can help girls with their confidence. Not everyone is willing to go in public with no makeup and feel confident. If a girl feels good with makeup they should not get judged for that or feel like they need to look “natural” if they enjoy putting makeup on.

Some girls who really enjoy putting makeup on see it as a hobby. Look at the famous Youtubers that people know for their makeup styles and make money through Youtube for that. Millions of girls go on Youtube doing makeup looks and tutorials to teach others how to do it or different ways of putting makeup on for entertainment.

So, if makeup is fun to you, or you just feel more confident wearing it, then you should and not feel like you need to be 100% natural all the time and you should do what you love.