Things to do over a long weekend


Lexi Marelli


It is not often that a three day weekend comes around, so when it does, people like to do new things. This weekend is a three day weekend because there is no school on Monday due to Martin Luther Jr. King Day.

Regular weekends do not provide enough time to do things like travel, but a three day weekend adds a whole day to do many different things.

Some ideas of ways to spend a three day weekend are, taking a short vacation, going shopping, going to a movie, having a sleepover with friends or even having a lazy weekend and lying in bed watching Netflix. The possibilities are endless.

Traveling for fun is an option as well as taking small trips to places for other reasons like college visits.

“I traveled around Ohio this weekend to go on college visits,” junior Ruby Yearling said. “I still want to go to an out of state school though, but it was nice to look at the campuses in state.”

Some people spend their long weekend busier than others, and do not have even one moment to relax.

“I will be spending the entire long weekend cheering,” junior Melissa Murphy said.  “We have two competitions and a game on Saturday.”

Often sports or other club activities take up time on the weekends. There are usually games and meetings scheduled on Saturdays.

Other people have to spend the weekend doing things outside of school like working a job, or participating in club sports.

“I work a lot this weekend, but I don’t mind because I get to shop at Easton while I work,” junior Taylor Ryan said.

However for everyone, work is not combined with fun weekend activities like shopping.

“On Saturday I have to work at TAD for three hours and then I am babysitting from six to midnight,” junior Christina Harrison said.  “Then on Sunday and Monday I have practice for club volleyball” .

Academics and homework can also take up time on the weekends.

“I have to work on my material for mock trial, because we have a scrimmage coming up next week,” junior Maura Masterson said.  “I also have to register for the ACT and start studying”.

Whether you are looking for a fun filled weekend or a productive one, or maybe even a lazy weekend there are many more things to do on a three day weekend than any other normal weekend.

“I am looking forward to a little break in between the school weeks, and relaxing on our day off,” sophomore Brooke Fuller said.