‘Passengers’ promises action and romance


Ashlyn Brockway


There were many great movies that came out in December, one including “Passengers”. “Passengers” is fantasy/science fiction film. The movie had a lot of action and romance throughout the whole movie.

“Passengers” only had a few characters in the entire movie. The entire cast only consisted of 5 people, but yet the director made it very interesting.  

The setting takes place in a space ship that’s on a journey to a new home. There were volunteers on earth who decided to go on this journey in hope to start a new life. The ship is designed to keep the passengers and crew to go to sleep and wake up in 120 years as the same age as when they went on to the ship. Unfortunately, Jim (Chris Pratt) wakes up 90 years early and no one else wakes up.

A year goes by with him on the ship alone and he wonders if he should wake up Aurora (Jennifer Laurence) because he is fascinated with her, but also knowing if he does this she will die on the ship. He contemplates it for many weeks.

There was another character that had a problem with their sleep station and he was one of the captains on the ship. His name was Gus (Laurence Fishburne). He ends up having medical problems from waking up too early, so the situation turns from bad, to worse. The space ship also starts developing problems and Jim tries to save the ship before no one makes it to their new home.

I personally liked the romance is this film and found the plot and the setting interesting, showing they are on a ship, yet still have very romantic moments. Although I believe this movie was good, I also think there were slow points throughout the movie that got boring.

You will just have to watch the movie to find out what else happens and to find out if they make it. This movie was very action filled towards the end, so anyone who enjoys almost jumping out of your seat then this is the movie for you.