Administrators need to better accommodate student drivers in the winter


Riley Vradenburg


Teen drivers are less than experienced. Parents send their children out everyday hoping they make the correct and safe driving decisions.

Without early releases from school or the clearing of school parking lots, accidents are almost inevitable among this young, inexperienced crowd.

Ohio winter weather is very unpredictable, and while some might feel comfortable and confident in their driving skills, most avoid driving in the winter at all costs.

The snow and ice come together in the winter to create less than ideal driving conditions.

Granville is infamous among students and parents for not calling off school on snowy days. This year especially, on many occasions we have received inches of snow at school, yet students are never sent home.

Many accidents have happened as a result, which can make teen drivers even more nervous to drive home.

Everyone’s friends are affected by accidents, and if Granville can do anything at all to avoid these tragedies, then I feel as if everyone would argue that they should. Sometimes this means an early release is necessary.

Not to mention the school does not clear the parking lots.

Driving in the snow is so scary. Losing control of your car is something no driver, young or old, is interested in doing.

Leaving early from school before the snow has had full effects can push towards this effort of avoiding crashes and keeping students as safe as possible.

On multiple instances I have arrived at school, only to be greeted by piles of snow, ice, and an unsalted parking lot.

As a student having gotten her license in may, I have almost zero winter driving experience, which makes me nervous enough going out.

When leaving for school, students hope they can make it there in one piece.

When I finally arrive at the school after my long drawn out drive, I can not even find my parking spot because of the snow and ice. Already shaken and nervous, I park to the best of my abilities.

No student should be this stressed before even entering the building.

I feel as if I can speak on behalf of many students when I say that Granville should consider plowing the parking lots to promote safe driving. The school should also consider early releases more often than they do.

Early releases might take away from the academic day, but they can keep students safe.