Coffee Culture: Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe


Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe is a small coffee shop located in Clintonville Ohio. They make every detail cute, including the cups. (BluePrints Photo // Morgan Prachar)

Morgan Prachar



Eat Purr Love’s decor promotes their logo throughout the venue. (BluePrints Photo // Morgan Prachar)

Cats, coffee and coloring sheets. All of these can be found at the Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe located in Clintonville Ohio. Eat Purr Love opened the last week of September 2016 and since 71 cats have found their forever homes, as of January 10th. They are connected with the local shelter, so any of the cats there are available for adoption.

On one of the walls in the cat room, the owners display some of the most recent adoptions. (BluePrints Photo// Morgan Prachar)

Eat Purr Love partners with the local shelter to help people find the new member of their family. Having the cats in a very relaxed environment gives potential owners the chance to really see the personality of the cats. All adoption paperwork is filled out at the coffee shop and money goes back to the shelter. When cats first arrived they have large cages for the cats to have during their adjustment period, after that the cats are welcome to roam the facility.

Many cubbies and shelves are set up for the cats to play in. (BluePrints Photo // Morgan Prachar)

Before going to the cafe it is recommended that your party make a reservation for your one hour time slot, except on Wednesdays when you get two hours for the price of one. Throughout the week they have different specials, Tuesdays two people can go for the one price of $10, Thursday’s visitors can receive a complimentary snack and drink with the cover charge and Fridays visitors receive two reward card punches for one visit.

They have a limit on visitors per hour to keep the cats as calm as possible and keep the environment relaxed. After making your reservation online or over the phone a link to a waiver is emailed to you to sign digitally, print, sign and bring in, or just sign when you arrive.

IMG_7041Upon arrival we checked in at the front counter and paid our $10 entrance fee. On their drink menu they have a small selection of tea, hot chocolate, keurig coffee and bottled drinks. The drinks are all around $2.00 keeping them nice and reasonably priced. A collection of vegan treats are available for sale and brought in from Pattycake bakery, a local shop that delivers their sweet treats by riding a bike to the local coffee shops.

The timers are disguised in cat toys and the drink sleeves have hand drawn logos. (BluePrints Photo // Morgan Prachar)

Mackenna ordered a hot chocolate and I ordered chai tea, at the time of our reservation we were escorted into the cat room and an employee showed us around. By the window there is a large variety of toys for the cats, in the main space there is plenty of coloring sheets and large tables that are great for working in groups and in the back area there are couches and chairs that the cats will come right up and sit with you.
For the most part I stayed up by the couches with a cat named hazel and her IMG_7038brother harvey. During our time there many cats would come right up to us looking for treats and to be petted. Overall our experience was phenomenal, the staff was very kind and helpful. The purpose of the cafe is an excellent idea, both socializing cats and finding their families. The area is very calm, relaxing and fun for anyone who loves cats (and coffee).