Principal’s secretary resigns to pursue new opportunity



Technically Mrs. Shelly Fisher is the principal’s secretary, but students and staff really know that she is the backbone of this district. Unfortunately, Fisher was offered a new job at SERS in Columbus, and her last official day was Friday.

Fisher decided it was time for a change in her life after eleven years at Granville High School.

“I was ready for something new, especially since my kids are now in high school and don’t need me as much at home anymore,” said Fisher.

Fisher will be working with state employees and will be doing calculations to figure out how much money people will be getting and how they will sit financially when they retire.

Meanwhile, the school is going to have to figure out how to manage without her.

“She has been a huge help to this district, including myself,” said Principal Mr. Matt Durst. “It’s going to be tough losing such a hard worker.”

Fisher will be returning a couple hours a week until her position is filled.

“I will be helping until a replacement comes and help train the new person,” said Fisher.

Although Fisher is ready to move onto the next step in her life, she still is dealing with the transition of leaving,

“The transition is really going to be hard. The big thing now is to make sure everything in in place here before I leave,” said Fisher.

The students and staff know that filling Fisher shoes is going to be one hard task. She has been such a help to this district and will be missed dearly by all.