‘Passengers’: Trash or Cash


Jordan Gummere

The movie industry is producing movies with the snap of their fingers in the 2016/17 years, almost all with predictions about the future of our world. The day “Passengers” came out, December 21, it was expected to be amazing. The movie contained two main actors, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.
We all know Jennifer Lawrence has been in movies that range from both ends of the spectrum whether it be horror or comedy. She has appeared in movies such as “The Hunger Games” series, “The House at the End of the Street,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” and much more. Her character in “The Passengers” fits the wide range of characters she has filled before.
Then there is Chris Pratt, whom has also played many roles from the funny lead male in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies and “The Lego Movie” to more serious roles in “Bride Wars.” But most people only remember him as the funny character because his major roles are in comedic movies.
Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) in the movie, wakes up on a ship in space 90 years too early. All passengers are in pods that are supposed to preserve and keep them asleep until just a few months before they reach their new destination, Homestead II. He and many other passengers are on their way to a new planet to start fresh. He spends one entire year alone until he decides to wake up another passenger, Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence).
The plot starts off with a hook to catch our attention with the idea that Jim destroyed Aurora’s life by waking her up, and has no way to fix it. After they fall in love, she finds out that he woke her up on purpose just so he wouldn’t be lonely. Aurora calls him a murderer and hates his guts. The sympathy the audience feels for Aurora and hate they feel for Jim is what keeps them watching.
But it is too easy when they have to save the ship and afterwards, they figure out a possible solution to their problem. But only one can use it.

Lawrence carries the movie along with her acting, while Pratt explores a new type of character in pairing up with Lawrence. Together they are a dynamic duo creating a passionate and intense movie for audiences. The ending of the movie seemed almost as something the director just slapped on to get the job done.
But the movie is still well made. The special effects from being in space is put together very well and allows watchers to really believe what is happening. The music choice is also great with “Gotta Go Home” by Passengers, “Levitate” by Imagine Dragons and much more.
It’s the passion and intense character relationships that repel the plot forward and continue to keep watchers on their toes.