Things to do when you are single for Valentine’s Day


Karissa Harris


  1. If you have no plans, there is the option of babysitting for a couple that wants to go out to celebrate
  2. If you have no plans for the night and you have a job there is always the option of working to allow coworkers to go out with their significant other while also making money
  3. A night in alone watching a movie, binge watching a tv show or planning xbox all night can always be fun
  4. If you have a few single friends with no plans for the night you could always go out with them and have a good time
  5. Take a spa day; get a massage, mani/pedi, or shop and treat yourself to some peaceful alone time to relax
  6. Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party if your friends do not have plans yet invite them over
  7. Go see a movie/sporting event alone
  8. If you are upset about being alone on the holidays, go work out and make yourself feel better
  9. Take a trip alone to get some time away for the weekend or take a trip with friends and enjoy the free, single life
  10. Bake! Chocolate is the treat of the holiday so why not spend the night in baking some yummy treats