Delicious ideas to bake this Valentine’s Day


Kenzie Chesrown


Valentine’s day is all about good food and even better company. Cholate is a must have during this day and these delicious ideas are no exception.

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes are the perfect bite sized dessert to share with a date or friends this season. Rich chocolate and sweet raspberry combine for a memorable treat. Valentine’s day wrappers are available at the nearest grocery store for an added touch! 

A perfect dessert for two are personalized red velvet cakes. These can be made from a box or from scratch. Cream cheese icing can be made in the same manner. Bake the batter in a single decker cake pan at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Then use a cup to cut out four circles of the cake, each roughly the same size. Stack two on top of one another, and cover in icing. Decorate the two miniature cakes as you please!

Dessert can be the most memorable and creative part of the meal. Valentine’s day is all about being sweet, and making food to match.