Table for one: Single on Valentine’s Day


Cortez Yannie


As the infamous sweet hearts day we call Valentine’s Day comes close, couples around the United States will be spending an intimate day with their love ones. But for all the people out there without their significant other in their lives, couples and other singles wonder what people do on a day full of love for another person in your life.

Being single on Valentine’s Day is not the end of the world, and can actually be a day of fun for singles. On Valentine’s Day, I usually spend my day with my besties, Blythe said Sarah Richardson. Valentine’s Day can also be a treat your self-day like Jackson Terry’s day where he buys his favorite snacks and goes home and plays his favorite video games with friends. No matter how you spend your day, make it a day of fun with friends and show a little love to yourself.

Valentine’s Day can also be a time of sadness or anger towards the day for singling out you for not finding love.

“I don’t know why we need a holiday to show love and affection, people should do it year round so that people without love don’t feel singled out,” senior Wyatt Caravana said.

Other students feel indifferent about the holiday.

“I’ve never celebrated this holiday; it really holds no meaning to me,” junior Jacob Torres said.

No matter what negative feelings you have towards Valentine’s Day, you should celebrate the day by loving your friends and family.

Love is complicated and diverse way to show compassion to those who love, making Valentine’s Day a wonderful and eventful way to help show your love. If you’re single, then this is a day either filled with buckets of ice cream and binge-watching your favorite show, or filled with a day of treating yourself to things you want or wanted to do but never had the chance.

Don’t let a day bring down the fun your having at a table of one, because if you spread your happiness and love to the people around you then you will have the best Valentine’s Day you can ever have as a non-couple.