Growing up in Granville: A look into how seniors, faculty and third graders feel about their hometown


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Riley Vradenburg


Spending one’s childhood in Granville is a unique experience. Granville is different from surrounding areas because of the size and safety of the community. This contributes to the term “Granville bubble” that is used to describe the way Granville seems to be apart from the rest of the world. Some may look upon Granville disdainfully for being sheltered from the world, but others believe this creates a unique town that is a joy to grow up in. While growing up in a “bubble” may make one too sheltered, it also ensures that childhood is a fond memory filled with a strong sense of community.

This years seniors provide an interesting insight to what it’s like to grow up in Granville because they have lived here the longest. The majority of the seniors are also about to leave Granville and go to college, giving them an opportunity to reflect upon their years at Granville and start to think about what they’ll miss.

Senior Riley Davis said that Granville is unique because of the closeness of the residents.

“Granville is such a close-knit community that I think is hard to find in a lot of places,” said Davis.

She said that her favorite childhood memories include “spending all day at the Granville fair as a kid.” Davis also said that her favorite place to eat in Granville is The Broadway Pub and her favorite annual event is “definitely the Great Granville Picnic!”

Davis’ favorite part of living in Granville is “the sense of community.”

Senior Grace Butler said she also loves the Granville’s close community.

“My favorite part about growing up in Granville is seeing how the town comes alive in different times, like during the fair, or at Christmas and how connected and caring everyone is,” said Butler.

Butler’s favorite restaurant in Granville is Mai Chau and among her favorite memories is the intermediate school field day and the Fourth of July the year there was no power.

“My favorite memory is probably the year of the fair when there was that huge storm and everyone lost power,” said Butler. “It was so hot but everyone went to the fair and the parade and it was the best year and the best fair ever,” said Butler.

Senior Luke Stewart said he likes how the Granville community is “close”. His favorite restaurant in town is also “The Pub” and his favorite event is the Fourth of July fair.

“I will miss the peace and serenity of Granville,” said Stewart.

Another senior, Cihanna Winston, said she values the safety of the Granville township. Her favorite place to eat is at the local favorite, Whit’s and she also enjoys the Fourth of July Fair as well as the high school football games, which are a huge community event.

Cody Masters, a new school counselor who grew up in Granville said his favorite event is also the fair, and he also loves The Broadway Pub and Mai Chau. Masters said he also enjoyed the size of the community.

“I graduated with only 150 kids so everyone always hung out,” said Masters.

Ms. Browning’s third grade class has a slightly different view of growing up in Granville than the seniors.

A lot of the kids said that they like going to school in Granville.

Grace said she likes “how nice the teachers are and how good the schools are.”

However, others had different things they value Granville.

Brooke said she likes that Granville “because it’s safe” and Hannah said she likes “that you have a lot of freedom that some people don’t have.”

Scarlett agrees with the seniors and likes the people in the community.

“It’s really fun here and everyone is really nice,” Scarlett said.

“I like that I have a lot of friends and I can do stuff with them,” said Lily.


Fiona said she likes Granville because of Wildwood.

“It’s a park made out of complete wood!” Fiona said.

The Fourth of July festivities were a favorite among Ms. Browning’s third grade class, however Morgan and Ally said they like the Candlelight Walking Tour and Lily likes the St. Patrick’s Day Festival.

Sports are also a favorite. Fiona said she likes the soccer games while Stone and Wilson prefer the football games.

There was a lot more diversity in opinion among these third grader’s favorite restaurants than there was for the seniors.

Brooke and Anna’s favorite restaurant is Moe’s Barbecue. Morgan likes Aladdin’s while Lily and Ally like the new “bagel shop” known as Steamroller Bagel. Lily and Keegan like the new Donato’s but Scarlett said she used to like Brew’s. Stone, Grant, Wilson, and Jake said they enjoy Whit’s. Abby said her favorite restaurant is, like some of the seniors, the Broadway Pub.

“I like the chicken wings there,” said Abby.

Though growing up in Granville can be tough because it is an exclusive area, the residents of Granville seem to enjoy the sense of community. People of all ages who have grown up in Granville, enjoy the quaint restaurants and friendly atmosphere.