Former players start their own rec basketball team


Jake Purdy


Sports in America are a huge part of our culture. Nearly every aspect socially and economically,  has put a huge amount of  pressure on kids playing sports today. Today 70% of kids quit sports by the age of 13 (according to CNN). They are quitting because the focus has changed from fun to completely serious with a huge focus of getting recruited to the next level.

The New Albany High School Basketball League is a perfect escape for players who aren’t concerned with being recruited. Registration is open to high school age boys who, “wish to play basketball and are not on a high school basketball team” according to the New Albany Parks website.

“Playoffs?” is a team comprised of seniors who used to be on the high school team but have quit because of injuries and a low commitment to the sport.

“I didn’t want to play JV as a junior and I didn’t gel well with the JV coaches” Said senior TJ Carney-DeBord who founded the team.

Seniors Sam Dunham, Kyle Otterstedt, TJ Carney- DeBord, Luke Grace, Wyatt Caravana, Thomas Krock and Addison Conway make up the Playoffs? squad
Playoffs? is currently 5-0 after Sundays win over Meatball Club 66-11, led by point guard and top scorer Luke Grace.

They have been dominating opponents such as Three Kodak, Saskatchewan Slurpee’s, the Meatball Club and the defending champions Air Norton’s by an average point differential of 16.7 points a game.

There were several reasons to starting the team, the biggest being that they have a love for the sport of basketball, but also because they are practicing to win the Seniors vs Staff basketball game, “which we will win” said Thomas Krock who came up with the name “Playoffs?”

Senior Wyatt Caravana was a last minute addition to the team. “He adds grit to our lineup as well as being our hype man, one clap of those big hands and everyone gets going” said Senior TJ Carney-DeBord.

There are two divisions of 6 teams making a total of 12 teams in the league. Playoffs? has 4 games left and are hoping to continue their perfection.
If you want score updates and exclusive access to team content follow @gvillebball on Twitter. If you are unable to access twitter there are schedule posters hung around the school.

As the season comes to an end I think it is safe to say that the undefeated Playoffs? can drop the question mark from there name.