Chris Armstrong embraces new role as team manager


Sam Dunham


Through the short history of Granville basketball, perhaps the best staff signing since Adam Teeters himself occurred this offseason.

It is universally accepted throughout this high school that Christopher Armstrong, whose anecdotes are as incredible as they are exaggerated, is the go-to guy for anything basketball. The man, the myth, the Lebron-enthusiast, Chris is a renowned and beloved senior who spends his time watching the NBA, socializing with classmates, playing basketball, watching the NBA, playing the violin, reading articles about the NBA, and also watching the NBA.

But this year he must take upon yet another responsibility. In a recent sit-down with the man himself, he explained to me his new role on the team.

“Coach Teeters talked to me after an open gym and asked if I was interested in helping the coaching staff if I wasn’t playing this year,” Chris explained. Officially titled as Team Manager, Chris eagerly accepted the chance to help the team in a bigger way than just on the court. Several weeks ago he announced via several social media platforms that he was hanging up the jersey and joining the coaching staff.

I asked him about what this job actually entailed. “I help the coaching staff when it comes to doing plays, helping with practice drills, and giving advice to the players”, he replied enthusiastically. He also made promises of introducing an iPad to practices in order to better help with plays and watch game film.

Most importantly, Chris’ job is just to be there for the team. “Home games, scrimmages, preseason, I’m always there for the guys,” Chris told me. He added that for away games he would stay home for personal reasons, but still keeps track of the game and encourages his teammates.

I asked about a little more about the team itself and how they looked this year. Since quoting his statement in full would triple the length of this article, I will simply assure you that his analysis was very thorough. He mentioned each player by name and detailed what they brought to the team.

Chris was also optimistic about the team’s chances at winning the league this year. “We’re trying to get a championship this year, to bring that to the school. We’ve got a great potential team,” Chris said.

Chris also mentioned some of his inspirations. It went without saying (but of course he did anyway) that Lebron James was at the top of the list. Whether at the Cavs, the Heat, or the Cavs again, Chris avidly followed Lebron wherever he went. Not literally, but don’t tell Chris that.

Aside from the King himself, Chris also mentioned the Cleveland Cavaliers coaching staff as some of his inspirations when it came to coaching basketball. He listed off Head Coach Tyronn Lue as well as several assistant coaches on the spot, a feat few sports aficionados could do.

Throughout the interview, what stood out was how passionate, enthusiastic, and articulate Chris was about the team and his role. When it comes to basketball, Chris is never at a loss for words. Few people in the state of Ohio are as devoted to the NBA like him. However, seeing someone so excited for such an opportunity at the high school was a refreshing sight indeed. Since he was a kid, Chris has lived and breathed basketball and has been immersed in the sport’s culture for years. This passion has always benefited the student body, but now Chris has a chance to put his vast knowledge to good work and benefit the High School itself.