Angel Trees allow the fortunate to give back to their communities during the holidays

Ashlyn Brockway


Volunteering is a year-round event that takes place almost everywhere. The most popular time to contribute is around Christmas.  There are all kinds of volunteering that people can either sign up for or be a part of during this time.

Occasional work places have what is called an angel tree. An angel tree is when they have a list of kids who aren’t fortunate enough to receive presents on Christmas Day. People can go to the IGA that’s located in Granville to pick out someone who is in the nursing home who doesn’t have family around, and then can go out and get them presents to open on Christmas day.  There is also an Angel Tree located in Indian mound mall for people to get. People who work at these places usually sign up for a few kids or maybe even one and go out and get them presents.

These kids will have a list of items that say what that kid wishes they would get for Christmas. The items on this list aren’t usually expensive; most girls ask for Barbies and boys will ask for cars or toys. People can also have the privilege of picking an adult out and getting the things they need, but can’t afford.

My family participates in this event every year and it is very inspirational. We typically choose two to three children and go out and give them a few gifts that were on their list for Christmas.

“I believe it’s a great thing to do for the parents who can’t afford to give their children gifts this year,” Scott Brockway says, who happens to be my father. “This is something that doesn’t take much money to supply, but can make a huge difference in the children’s and parents lives.”

I encourage you to go out and pick a child and give them a gift that they aren’t able to receive without your help.