Kevin Miller working to return from a devastating injury


Kevin Miller tears his ACL while playing varsity soccer this fall. (BluePrints Photo // Morgan Prachar)

Sydney Bednarski


Every season brings upon new sports for many high school athletes. While high school sports implement procedures in order to keep the players safe, it is inevitable that someone will get hurt.

Junior Kevin Miller recently tore his ACL during a varsity soccer game. At the beginning of the season, Miller started varsity as a defensive left back, but after his devastating injury he had to sit the rest of his season.  

Miller has never had knee injuries in the past, so this was all very unexpected. He just recently had surgery to fix his torn ACL, and so far the recovery has been pretty slow.

“It hasn’t really started yet (physical therapy), it’ll be 3 times a week. They said its gonna swell up and hurt a lot, but it’s just going to keep getting stronger.”

The recovery period will be about 6-9 months.

 “It’s going to be long, but I can’t focus on the fact that I can’t walk today or tomorrow, but the fact that in less than a year I’ll be back to normal and playing the sport I love” said Miller.

Miller also swims with the GHS Swim team during the winter season, however his injury has restricted him from swimming a full season.

“This injury couldn’t have come at a worse time, swimming will actually be really good therapy for me, it’s a great way to get my muscles growing and my leg back to normal without putting too much stress on my joints” said Miller.

Miller hopes to be back in the water by December.

Miller’s advice to other athletes trying to avoid knee injuries is, “Strengthen your legs and just try to avoid being hit in the wrong way.”

Miller’s recovery will be a long process, but he is ready for the challenge.