Buckeyes return to college football playoffs


Jake Purdy


The final College Football playoff rankings came out on “Selection Sunday” which is a 4 hour show on ESPN where all the bowl games and, most importantly, the final 4 playoff teams would be set.

To no surprise the reigning champion and undefeated Alabama came in at #1 where they have sat the entire season. The number two spot was debated back and forth between Ohio State and Clemson, the committee decided that Clemson deserved it because they won the ACC championship and Ohio State did not play on championship weekend.

With two spots remaining, the committee selected Ohio State to the #3 spot over Pac-12 conference champion Washington who they gave the #4 spot to.

As I outlined in my original article about Ohio State’s path to the playoff, it would be important for them to win the Big Ten Championship to get in. However, the committee spurned the existing precedent and Ohio State became the first non- conference champion to get into the playoff.

Many people are outraged and feel that Penn State was ripped off by not getting a spot in the playoffs; they won the best conference in the nation this season (the Big Ten) and beat Ohio State head to head. People who say this fail to realize that Penn State only has 2 top 25 wins which is 2 behind the team with the least amount of top 25 wins in the playoffs with Ohio State only having 4.

After another year of crazy upsets Alabama and Clemson make it back to the playoff for the second year in a row. The real question remains however: Can anyone beat Bama?