Granville Candlelight Walking Tour is a fun family tradition

Candlelight walking tourBY MAGGIE MCGONAGLE (’15)

The Candlelight Walking Tour is for all ages and a tradition for many families. Parents and children alike will bundle up to walk around town and see all the different activities tomorrow. It is a great way to start off the holiday and spend some quality family time.

This year’s tour will include music and performances, hands-on-fun, holiday treats, visual arts and community giving. Santa will also be there. There are also free wagon rides and tours, making it a perfect event for families with young children.

“My kids love the large train set inside the library,” Principal Matt Durst said.

Some people will enjoy the live musical performances that happen at the churches on the four corners.

The weather for the Candlelight Walking Tour on Saturday looks rather cold and rainy, so be sure to bundle up.