‘Merry Christmas’ will endure the test of time


Daniel Brnjic


It has been well documented that our founding fathers were Christian, but were not allies of organized religion such as the Catholic Church. The founders of our nation held freedom of religion as a driving force behind our national identity.  Although flawed men they did believe that all men had the right to practice whatever faith they wanted.  Christmas is celebrated by Christians as the birth of Jesus Christ, and it is the main focus of our holiday season in the United States. Christmas was always celebrated as a purely religious one hundred years ago. Today in the modern era things have changed. Christmas shares a dual purpose as a religious holiday as well as a time to spend with family and friends.

Today in an era of political correctness the saying ‘Merry Christmas ‘is being contested by those who believe the term discriminates against those who do not celebrate Christmas. These politically correct people prefer the term ‘Happy Holidays’ because it is neutral and applies to everyone. This is a sad development in our culture. America was founded as a religious tolerant nation, but it was also founded by Christians and the majority of Americans are Christian. We are a very accepting nation who welcome Jews and Muslims with pleasure. Schools across the nation give students Christmas break to celebrate Christmas. Schools do not give students off for Passover or Ramadan. Immigrants who come to America know they are coming to a predominantly Christian nation.

It is a sad development when the overwhelming majority of a nation are hindered from giving the traditional greeting of ‘Merry Christmas’ because it may offend the minority of our population. ‘Merry Christmas’ is not offensive but is rather a universal saying that represents compassion in a season of celebration. It is a tradition that is as old as our nation and should be preserved. ‘Merry Christmas’ is a celebration of our Christians faith that preaches love and tolerance for all.

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