Announcements removed from daily lineup



For the first time in many years, there are no morning announcements at the high school due to lack of student interest, said Principal Matt Durst.

Morning announcements were a ritual that students took for granted, Durst said. “If less than 5% of students listened to the morning announcements in your class, then we had a good reason to get rid of them,” Durst said.

However, the announcements will be presented in a new format. Administration will post the daily announcements on My Big Campus.

Traditionally, the job of reading the announcements went to the student body president. Current President Nolie Wagner was disappointed to hear that she could not read the news. “But then I thought, ‘Hey, why not do something better?'” Wagner said.

Wagner said that, from now on, there will be a video of her and some other students reading the announcements posted on My Big Campus every Friday. “It will be like a news show- with a twist,” Wagner said.

Overall, she is positive about the change. “I’m super excited for them and they will be sweet!”