REVIEW: “Peter Pan Live!” did not play out as it should have


Last night’s live television performance of “Peter Pan Live!” was not as I expected. The show itself was a good idea, but it wasn’t played out as it should have.

Allison Williams, who played Peter Pan, is a genuine actress. She portrayed Peter Pan well, as she carried on the tradition of Peter Pan being played by a woman in the Broadway version.

Although Williams portrayed Pan well, at the beginning when she arrived in Wendy’s bedroom and attempted to reunite with her shadow, she paused awkwardly and there were moments of no dialogue that concerned me.

Another awkward moment happened when Peter and the Lost Boys danced during the picnic by the river, the characters were to put the tea cups on their heads and balance them as they danced on their knees. Williams unfortunately dropped her tea cup on to the ground and seemed to be laughing, which was an evident mistake.

Another part of the show that lacked creative components was when the characters were lifted by the strings to make them fly. The pulleys were increasingly visible as the scene went on, and they could have simply used the clear ones.

The major downside of the show occurred when Captain Hook, played by Christopher Walken, walked onto set. Walken is a brilliant actor; however, in this live show, he made quite a few mistakes throughout the duration of the show.

It started as soon as the very first song that Hook sang played and he talked through the beginning portion while he was supposed to be singing. He made long pauses after sentences and there awkward moments of no dialogue.

When Hook was on the ship after Smee came onto set, he was sitting in his throne and was talking to Smee. Walken appeared to be looking just passed the camera at what very well may have been cue cards aiding him.

With these major mistakes at hand, the show still managed to be better than last year’s “The Sound of Music Live!” The show was overall not a success, although they had many viewers due to the lack of professional work that people were mocking.

The unfortunate idea of “Peter Pan Live!” did not result as the producers and directors imagined; however, it may have been viewed as magical for the children.