Miss Quinter is a math whiz extraordinaire



Miss Quinter moved into an apartment in Columbus, Ohio, in the summer before the 2012 school year. Her older sister had recently graduated from Denison, and saw a job opening as a math teacher at Granville. Miss Quinter decided to apply. When she landed the job, she could not be more excited. She has always loved being with young people because she could relate to their struggles and help during the most delicate time of the teenage years.

Graduating from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Quinter did not always know that she wanted to be a teacher. Nobody in her family had previously been a teacher. She said her favorite subject in school had always been math, but she did not decide until her second year in college that she wanted to work with students. Miss. Quinter remarked that she always enjoyed working with other people, and she did very well in school. She knew that this was a good sign that she should teach.

Quinter started working eight months after she graduated from Miami. During her schooling she was a student teacher at Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati. This was in 2011. She said it was one of the worst experiences of her life because the man she helped teach with was a total jerk. Even though this was terrible for her it didn’t scare her away from teaching. She knew that teaching was her passion.

Miss. Quinter said that her favorite part of teaching geometry is right triangles, trigonometry and soh cah toa. She said that if she could teach another subject she would either teach modern English, Calculus, or Fundies.

Quinter allows retakes to all of her regular geometry classes, but not her Pre-AP classes. She also offers extra credit for homework questions occasionally. When dealing with low grades in the class, she usually writes notes on student’s tests or paper. Quinter said that for behavioral issues she kicks people out, gives detentions and rings her wind chime to quiet the class.

Miss Quinter had also said that the hardest part about being a teacher is finding balance. There is lots of work outside of school, so it is many late nights and weekends. For students thinking about going into a career in teaching she recommends contacting old teachers to learn daily schedules, spending time to see what age one works best with, and learning all the difficult politics.

Quinter, although young when she started at Granville has enjoyed her time here so far and plans to stay as long as possible.