Self-proclaimed FIFA extraordinaire



In the ever increasing world of video games, FIFA has risen among the ranks, and one teenager, Wyatt Caravana, claims to have mastered this soccer video game.

Wyatt’s first encounter with FIFA was eight years ago when his brother would play FIFA 2006 for the Playstation 2, and now his favorite game is FIFA 14.

“I’ve had the most playtime and I enjoy it a lot,” Caravana said.

Caravana’s favorite game mode in FIFA 14 is FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team), which is a fantasy type of game mode, where, the higher the skill level, the more likely the players are to get more coins; which will help to buy better players.

His favorite player he has ever used is James Rodriguez’s iMOTM (International Man of the Match) card, which was released during the World Cup. The 89-rated midfielder from Colombia has amazing stats, and, as Caravana recalls “that card was disgusting.”

Caravana’s favorite league to build around is the Bundesliga (German League), for which he only gives one reason: “Julian Draxler.”

The most expensive player he’s purchased on FIFA 14 is another Bundesliga player, Frenchman Franck Ribery, whose 88-rated card cost around a million Ultimate Team coins at the time.

Caravana also boasts opening 89-rated Robin van Persie in an Ultimate Team pack, which is a virtual pack of cards that can sometimes, to the lucky opener, hold a player of real value. When Caravana opened van Persie back in February, he truly believed he had “insane pack luck.”

Caravana’s current Ultimate Team record is “insane” as well: 376-141-205, with all his losses coming from his Division 1 seasons, a feat most FUT players dream of.

Caravana claims that he is the best FIFA player in all of Granville, with many challengers trying, but failing, to beat the young player. He’s yet to suffer a massive loss and in the future, he’s sure to never concede more goals than he’s scored, keeping a positive record for FIFA 14 and every other FIFA until the day he dies.