Glimpsing into the Mrs. Sattlemeyer outside of the classroom




To many people, Mrs. Sattelmeyer is simply just a freshman English teacher, but little do they know she has had a love for writing practically her whole life.

During high school, she found her love for writing in her junior year. She got positive feedback on the majority of the pieces she had written and noticed that she had a knack for writing.

When she graduated college, she had come out with a major in speech, theater and English.

She started her teaching career in 1972. For a period of a few years, though, she quit teaching because of her love of acting. After being gone from teaching for a short time, she realized she missed it.

“I was not going to be a great actress and missed my classroom dearly,” Sattelmeyer said.

While there she enjoys writing about anything, but with a choice of writing serious pieces of writing or entertainment pieces, she said she would rathe write entertainment stories.

Sattelmeyer’s favorite thing to write about would be her mother.

“She lives with me and provides a sense of entertainment with her view of life,” said Sattelmeyer.

In her free time, Sattelmeyer writes a lot for fun, while also enjoying hobbies such as gardening, organizing and collecting beads, which she never actually uses for jewelry.