AP U.S. History students witness important Veterans Day ceremony


Hannah Dear



Veterans Day often times passes as a forgotten holiday, but AP U.S. History (APUSH) students spent the holiday observing a World War II veteran receive a high honor from the French government.

“It is great to see the people walking among us that students can connect to personally,” social studies teacher Jenna Sparks said.

Dr. Andrew A. Sterrett was a member of the U.S. Army 44th Infantry Division during World War II and was honored by the French government with the Award of the Legion d’ Honneur.

“France and Europe have been living in peace for the past seven decades,” the French award letter said. “You saved us. We will never forget”

The Legion d’ Honneur is the highest award the French government can bestow.

“I want APUSH students to take away the significance of it and, on top of that, to see someone who gave so much but is also a direct part of their community,” Sparks said.

APUSH students took a field trip on Veterans Day to Swasey Chapel to observe the ceremony.

“It is great to realize the connections to what we talk about in class,” Sparks said.

While at Denison, students were also able to witness the recognition of other members of the military who are active in the Granville community.

Veterans Day used to mean a day off of school, but now it passes by as a normal school day.

“We tend to forget the sacrifice that people made in past wars and more recent wars,” Sparks said.

The ceremony at Denison drew attention to the importance of Veterans Day and honoring those that have fought for American freedom.

“We may forget the sacrifice that these people have made and how they have protected our rights and freedoms,” Sparks said.