How to buy Christmas gifts on a budget


Kenzie Chesrown


With the holiday season coming around, people are searching for gifts. Everyone wants their loved ones to feel appreciated but they do not want to spend a fortune doing so. There are many presents that can make friends and family happy this season without breaking the bank. The best gifts are handmade because they have more sentimental value and are far less expensive.

Baking their favorite dessert is always an easy go-to option. This way you know they will love it and it will be very thoughtful. If you want to be extra festive, putting it in a holiday themed box could be a finishing touch.

A scrapbook can be a tangible present that holds many memories. Go to the nearest CVS or Walmart and connect your phone to the photo printer, and print out as many you desire. Decorate pages with quotes and colors and it will for sure be something they hold dear.

A heartfelt letter can also make someone’s day. Sit down and write why you are thankful for that person and they will not love it. A letter can be kept forever and can be looked back on for years to come.

No matter what gift you give your family and friends, they will love it because it came from you. This holiday season spend more time making the person feel special because of your actions and thoughts, make them something from the heart!