Top 10 stores to buy a Christmas gift locally


Riley Vradenburg


  1. Target

A perfect place that has something for everyone. This place is affordable, and has anything you could ever imagine. The nearest location is in Heath.

  1.  T.J. Maxx

Tjmaxx is an affordable place to find some name brand options for the cheaper price. Tj Maxx’s selection includes women’s, men’s, juniors, and children’s clothes. As well as home needs, jewelry, stationery, and shoes. The closest location is in Heath.

  1. Nordstrom

At Nordstrom you can purchase high end clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Nordstrom might be on the more expensive end of the spectrum, however for a special someone, the quality will be worth it. You can find a Nordstrom at Easton Town Center.

  1. Best Buy

Best Buy has everyone’s electronic needs. The store has laptops, tablets, speakers, appliances, and many other products that are great for the tech savvy generations of today. Located in heath, the store is easy to get to.  

  1. Bath & Body Works

Candles, Lotion, Soap, and many other products gives someone the perfect selection of products and scents to pick a gift for their loved ones. There are both men and women’s products, so the store is versatile. The store is located in Indian Mound Mall in Heath, so it is also very accessible.

  1. Kussmaul

Kussmaul is located in downtown Granville and has a lot of artwork, home decor, and jewelry. This store is great for the women in your life because they have very personal unique gifts.

  1. Homage

Homage sells all different kinds of casual apparel, both plain and in support of your favorite Ohio sports teams. They are not extremely expensive, which makes it a good Christmas gift. Although it is a little further, there is an homage store located in Easton Town Center. It is definitely worth the 30 minute drive.

  1. The James Store

The James store is located in Granville and has a perfect selection of women’s clothing and bags. The articles sold here are name brand and for those who are interested in that type of clothing, it is perfect.

  1. marbles the brain store  

Marbles the game store is the perfect place to buy family gifts and children gifts. It’s a store that has any game under the sun, which is perfect for Christmas gifts. Located next to auntie Anne’s in Easton, the store is perfect for your younger loved  ones.

  1. Costco

People might think of Costco exclusively as a grocery store, however the store offers a lot of different options. Costco is located in Easton, and is worth the drive to get easy gifts for your family.