Granville restaurants, showing the new and the improved


Karissa Harris


Granville is a historical town with Broadway in the heart of it all. Broadway is full of restaurants, businesses and historical buildings. Any night of the week villagers can go downtown to find a good bite to eat.

There is a mix of it all, restaurants that have been there for years like Brews Café and The Broadway Pub, and newer restaurants like Uberburger and Mai Chau. There is just about anything.

Mai Chau is on Prospect off of Broadway, where it is now a permanent location along with its brewery next door where Del Mar used to be. Senior Max Moller works at this new place, cooking and cleaning.

“Mai Chau is different than the other restaurants because it has Vietnamese food and brings a different type of food to Granville,” said Moller.

They serve everything from steamed buns, sandwiches, to noodle or rice bowls and desserts such as S’mores and PB&B Buns. A more traditional option served is chicken wings and pizza.

Mai Chau is not the only change that has happened downtown.

Although it is not a new restaurant, The Broadway Pub just expanded. After the relocation of The James Store to its new location over by Alfie’s and the Granville Public Library, The Pub went through a recent renovation, creating more seating and a larger bar. 

Along with the relocation of the James Store, Snapshots Lounge moved from River Road to Weaver Drive on the other side of 661. In Snapshot’s old location behind River Road Coffeehouse, is now B Healthy, the new quick stop, popular for its healthy drinks and products.

When a customer goes into B Healthy they are offered H3O, a hydration mix and tea, before ordering their protein shake. Liftoffs, or energy, can be added to drinks. Some of the most popular flavors of protein powder are chocolate, vanilla, French vanilla, and cookies and cream.

Senior Payton Brownlee works at B Healthy.

“I make protein shakes and I also sell products such as protein containers and other sources that help people to gain or lose weight depending on what the customer is looking for,” Brownlee said.

B Healthy is different from other restaurants because of the healthy products they provide to customers.

“We are more of a healthy place that works with our customers, contacting them to make sure they like our shakes and that they are keeping on track with their diet, because we really like to help motivate them to be healthy,” Brownlee said.

There are many different types of shakes, and Brownlee’s favorite part of the job is getting to make them.

Technically, there are not really any fast food restaurants in Granville, but a quicker food option would be Uberburger. Uberburger is the newest restaurant in Granville, taking over the space above Whit’s, where the Soup Loft had previously been for almost ten years.

Uberburger does not have many different options, but it for sure has nice, juicy burgers. The food options are limited but the options for the bun, cheese, toppings, and condiments are endless. A customized burger can be paired with sweet potato fries or sidewinders and a cold drink.

Then there is 128 E. Broadway, where Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que is today.

This location has changed many times over the years going from Victoria’s, famous for their ice cream, then Bella’s, the Italian restaurant, now to Moe’s with its conjoined bar above.

Moe’s brings a southern kick to Granville with its pulled pork, ribs, baked beans and potato salad. It is all about the night life with the bar above, where local bands can be found on the weekends.

Finding a place to eat in Granville should never be a problem because there are so many options and restaurants are constantly being improved and new ones are being created.