A popular new shake shop takes over Granville


Lexi Marelli


B-Healthy shakes have taken over the town. With the variety of flavors and fun atmosphere, a trip to B-Healthy is always an adventure. This shop is family owned by Corrine Baker and her mother and they have hired other employees since then to help. Each person that works there purchases their own protein powder and materials, and they are paid by the number of shakes that they sell. The business has become extremely successful as most people in Granville make it part of their daily routine to grab a shake.

“It’s quick but it’s also good for you,” sophomore Natalie Thompson said.

Natalie goes to B-Healthy after school, and sometimes before. Even the employees have opinions on the variety of flavors offered.

“I would say my favorite flavor is white chocolate raspberry cheesecake,” Baker said.

The shake shop has a selection of protein powders to choose from including vanilla, cookies ‘n’ cream, chocolate, caffe latte, wild berry, orange, and dulce de leche. Shakes at B-Healthy are different from other shakes because they have the sweet flavor of milkshakes, and they also have protein.  This provides more energy for the day than sugar, which only energizes for a few hours. From the selection of flavors,  a shake can be picked and then protein powder is added.

“The most popular flavors are very berry, buckeye, or peanut butter pie,” owner Corrine Baker said.

These shakes are highly nutritious too. For only six dollars these shakes contain protein powder and enough nutrients to replace an entire meal. Getting a shake from B-Healthy after a workout can be extremely beneficial because it replaces the energy used during the workout. B-Healthy is also unique for its calorie burning tea it offers before getting a shake. They have different flavors of the tea such as raspberry, lemon, original, cranberry, or mango. These burn about 80 calories just from drinking them! The shakes and teas are available at Healthy Way, Xtreme Nutrition, as well as B-Healthy.

B-Healthy is becoming busier as more people hear about it. These nutritious shakes have become the new go-to before and after school.

“Working here is super fun,motivating and fast paced,” Baker said. “It’s kind of like a party.”