New burger restaurant resides over Whit’s


Ashlyn Brockway


Downtown Granville has many choices when it comes to food. As school starts up again the seniors will want to start leaving for their lunch break. A small restaurant located above Whit’s called Uberburger opened a few months ago.

Uberburger is an easy, fast car ride from the school for great quality food. This little restaurant sells hamburgers and fries along with basic sodas.

The interior is a small, but friendly setting. There are only a few tables and a bar stool for seating. People can also have the pleasure of sitting outside and and have the food brought to the table.

The menu contains hamburgers with multiple toppings and two different fries to go along with the burger. The food doesn’t take long to prepare; if in a hurry this is a perfect place to stop in.

The people who work there are always upbeat and friendly. They are always double checking to make sure that the food is good and the time spent there was enjoyable.

Karissa Harris orders a burger and fries and absolutely loves it. The last time she went there, Karissa tried new toppings on her burger that she ended up liking even more.

The hamburgers are never dry and fries are always cooked perfectly, which is what Karissa loved the most.

“Every time I’ve gone to Uberburger I have never been disappointed, I’ve loved every second of it,” said Karissa.

When I went to Uberburger the first time, I had no clue what I wanted to order. I am a very picky eater and didn’t think I would enjoy anything from there. I decided to order a hamburger that was plain and their fries. I loved it. I go back every chance I get because their hamburgers are so good.

The quantity of the food is just as good as their quality. Getting a burger, fries and a drink for $9.00 is a good deal.

If you’re a senior looking for a good place to eat or lunch or in need of a burger, Uberburger is perfect for that.