Football team starts season with a surge


Ava Kunar


The football team, referred to as The Wolfpack by some, has had an active season so far. The team has played 4 games and a scrimmage this school year.

The team started the season well with a victory against Newark Catholic. The final score was 21 points to 20 points. With Newark Catholic being a rival of ours, this win was important.

The next game played was at Sheridan’s home field. Sheridan won with the final score being 35 points to 23 points. ¬†Senior Jake Peterson, who is one of our starting receivers and defensive backs commented on the season so far.

“We knew coming into the season that we weren’t going to have any easy games, so we just need to be mentally ready for a battle every single game,” he said.

The next game, though Eastmoor tried to put up a fight, was an Aces victory. Junior Patrick Chaykowski  ran for the first touchdown in the first quarter. In the second quarter, Sophomore Quarterback Cameron Crouch threw an 84- yard pass to senior captain Jack Peterson for another touchdown. Granville acquired two more touchdowns making the final score 29 points to 12 points. Jake Peterson comments again on the season so far, and could have some insight as to how the team defeated Eastmoor so handily.

“This year we added a new offensive and defensive coordinator to our coaching staff and they both have a lot of knowledge about football,” he said. “With some guys out with injuries, we have some very young players stepping up and playing important roles on our defense and they are doing a really good job.”

The next game was against Heath High School at their home field. Heath won by three touchdowns. Crouch commented on the football season so far providing insight as to how the team is doing.

“I feel like each week we take a step forward as a team,” he said. “We have been facing a lot of adversity lately, but those moments have definitely helped us grow and come together.”

The next and final game was at Mogadore High School’s home field. Mogadore won with the final score being 21 points to 12 points. Sophomore Keegan Van Meter, who is a receiver and defensive back spoke of how the game at Mogadore went.

“When we were playing Mogadore I feel like we began to pull together and pick each other up even when we were down or had bad plays,” Vanmeter said.

A few team members have some closing thoughts on how the season is going thus far.

“I think that we have had the chance to win every game we’ve played this year it’s just that we haven’t been able to convert when the time was right. Also that we are still young and are making big improvements each week as a team. We play a tough schedule that challenges us each week, and I believe that all our hard work and determination will pay off in the end.” Sophomore linebacker and halfback, Tommy Wolfe, said.

The optimistic view is popular among many on the team.

“Our team has come up short three times already this year but in all three of those losses we have never given up and I think that’s a really positive sign for the rest of the season.” Jake Peterson said.

For those looking to support, the football team’s next game is at Johnstown High School. The game begins at 7:00.