Alumni Cody Masters returns as a counselor


Cody Masters gives advice to a student in the library.

Ashlyn Brockway


The high school has had many new teachers this year, including Cody Masters, the new school counselor who graduated from Granville.

Masters makes a long commute from Columbus every morning. His parents still live in Granville and his mom is actually a sub for the school. Masters previously taught at Groveport Madison, which he said was a very different environment compared to Granville.

“Working as a counselor in Groveport is helping students survive, while in Granville its more of assisting their goals,” Masters said.

He graduated in 2005, with only 156 students in his grade. While many things have changed since he went to school, some things have remained the same.

“It’s as competitive academically as it was when I attended here,” Masters said. “We offer more AP classes and the curricular is very different”.

While in high school, he was an active student playing football, basketball and tennis. His football coach was JR Wait, who still coaches varsity football. There are still 12 teachers that still teach or are a part of the school system since he last was a student.

Many people know Mr. Durst as the principal and Mr. Carpenter as the assistant principal, but when Masters went here, Durst was a guidance counselor and Carpenter was teaching IAP to students.

“Carpenter was my senior year basketball coach, which is the reason why we are so close,” Masters said.


What we refer to as the West Wing was never there when he went to school. The school was just two long hallways and that’s about it. They never had the middle and high school were not connected, therefore, the never had a commons and there was no theatre.

“We ate lunch where the senior lounge is,” Masters said. “There were no walls up there, it was a bunch of tables where we ate lunch.”

When he was in high school, he started a ping-pong club, which was one of the largest clubs you could have joined. When he came back to Granville, he started the club back up again, which already has a lot of people signed up for it.

“It’s weird to be back in a lot of ways, but I’m enjoying it,” Masters said. “It’s different to see everything from a different perspective.”

Masters is bringing back old traditions and will be a great tradition for the school year. As they say, once an Ace, always an Ace.