Battle of the spouses: How the significant others have shaped the election


Bill Clinton speaks to a crowd. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Daniel Brnjic


Although America got a good laugh out of Bill Clinton in the 90’s, we have no time for such shenanigans in the tinderbox that is modern society. A career politician, phenomenal speaker with an easygoing demeanor, Mr. Clinton can make friends out of enemies with ease. His Arkansas farm-boy persona paired with his political wit has enabled him to navigate and lead the world of politics for decades. The only flaw to be found with Bill Clinton is his willingness to lie to the American people. The scandal that rocked his presidency continues to leave fingerprints on the current election.

Muck that very well might have stayed buried has been brought up to the surface by the Trump campaign, all to try to paint Hillary as a political Tammy Wynette who did indeed stand by her man when it might have been in her best interest to hit the bricks. It is only a matter of time until the Trump camp begins targeting the Clinton scandals and affairs with unbelievable bluntness that rivals the elections of the 1800’s.

Melania Trump is beautiful. That is what nine billion dollars buys you. She rivals Nancy Reagan in being the most attractive first lady of all time. She easily tops Bill for being the hottest spouse of the election. What can you bash Melania for? Being an immigrant who has more love for America than most natural born citizens. She is a distinguished woman who casts her own shadow and paves her own way beside Donald and not behind him. However, her speech at the Republican National Convention was surrounded with accusations of plagiarism. Aside from her beauty and her status as cliché trophy wife, her speech has been her most obvious contribution to her husband’s campaign. Whether this contribution leaves a positive or negative mark in the minds of voters remains to be seen.

Only time will tell the impact the candidates significant others will have on the election, but it is clear by polls that Bill has left a bad taste in the mouth of the American people. Melania’s charms have made leaps and bounds but still has room to improve. There is no doubt however that both Bill and Melania are distinguished people in their own right. They both created their own path to success.