New school bell system is installed


The clock ticks during the morning’s early hours (BluePrints Photo/Dustin Braden).

Sam Dunham


To start the 2017 school year, Granville High School has initiated a new change to the daily routine- the school bells.

“To say the old bell system was ‘antiquated’ would be polite,” Principal Matt Durst said. “It was just very old.”

Mr. Durst added that the PA system had been equally outdated. Several speakers around the school had been broken, which had the potential to cause a safety issue should there be an emergency.

According to the Principal, in order to fix these issues, the district hired NewWave Technologies to give the school a “technological makeover.” NewWave has worked with GHS before, including installing the keycard readers at the doors of the schools.

While the new upgrade has improved efficiency, the bells themselves have raised some concerns among both students and staff alike. English teacher Mrs. Henderson says she much prefers the old bells.

“I’m a creature of habit,” she said. “But also they’re too quiet. When they ring, I don’t feel like I should be going anywhere.”

Perhaps the popular opinion on the new “mellow” bells was summed up by senior Chris Volzke. When asked why he preferred the old bells, he simply stated, “Because I could actually hear them.”