Finding the perfect Homecoming dress


Lexi Marelli

Staff Photo by Karissa Harris
Unususual Junction offers thousands of dresses to pick from in every shape and size. The store is a very popular shopping destination. (BluePrints Photo/Karissa Harris)


There are many tasks involved with getting ready for Homecoming, especially for girls. Decisions of where to buy a dress, and how to do hair and makeup are all important for the dance.

Finding the perfect dress can take some time.

“I have luck finding dresses at Be Social,” junior Melissa Murphy said. Be Social is a dress shop in Gahanna about 20 minutes away. They have a wide variety of dress colors and styles and jewelry to choose from.

“I like getting them at Bebe because they are cheap and casual,” senior Ciahnna Winston said. Bebe is a clothing store in Polaris with dresses and other evening attire.

However, buying a new dress is not a must.

“I borrow my dresses,” junior Grace Petryk said. She has borrowed dresses from Morgan Baldwin and Linsey Brown.

There are many different styles of dresses to choose from as well.

“I like form fitting and simple,” Winston said.

Others like different styles and designs.

“I like my dresses in the middle. not too form fitted but not too loose,” Petryk said. There are many styles to choose from, ranging from tight fitted to flowy.

Finding the right dress is not the end of the process. There are many more decisions to be made, like hairstyles.

“I like to have mine down and curled,”  Murphy said. There are many salons around Granville to get hair done. Some include Sandra’s Hair Salon and Newkirk Spa.

“I like mine down as well,” Winston said. “I look bald with it up.”

There is an abundance of different hairstyles to choose from, each one unique and different from the last. Another task a girl completes before the dance is makeup. There are many ways to complete this step.

“Sometimes my sister does my makeup, but sometimes I get it done,” Murphy said.

However, some girls find different ways.

“I do my own makeup for dances,” Winston said.

Getting ready for dances can have good moments and bad moments too.

“My favorite part of getting ready is seeing my hair and makeup done,” Petryk said.

The girls agreed that it can be stressful as well, when something does not go as planned.

“It makes me nervous when my hair or makeup isn’t looking right,” Murphy said.

Every year students get excited for the dance.

“I am looking forward to homecoming with my friends,” Petryk said.