Granville services parking lots


Elijah Smith


New pavement has been added to the lower lot as well as a piece of the upper lot being repaved this past summer.

After several weeks of construction there is now new pavement in the lower lot by the tennis courts.  A strip of new pavement was added in the upper lot across from the weight room.

Principal Matthew Durst was key in the new change.

“The new parking lot will provide a lot more order to the area,” Durst said. “The changes made sense.”

The new pavement will allow for 40 new spots for students to park in.

The upper lot was repaved due to safety issues.

“It was kind of a safety issue; it was hard to clear the snow in the gravel,” Assistant Principal Scott Carpenter said. “There were pot holes where ice was collecting.”

Also the new improvements to the lower lot will allow for easier parking for the soccer and lacrosse games.

“They opened up the pathway for people to park there [lower lot] and walk to the stadium,” Carpenter said. “It’s definitely going to help with soccer and lacrosse for parking.”