New computers in library and study hall


Dustin Braden


There’s been an upgrade to the desktops in the library, study hall, and choir rooms. The new computers are smaller and faster, according to STAR staff and students.

The new computers have Windows 10, while the old desktops in the library used Windows 8, a software improvement.

“The older computers that we had that we replaced weren’t able to hold as much information, which is why there were so many issues on them last year,” said senior Sam Doud, who works for the school and helped install the desktops.

The switch, which is supported by several STAR students, is intended to be an improvement to fix issues experienced last year.

“The new desktops should be a major improvement,” STAR student Isaac Cramer said. “The switch should allow the students to have more time for working on schoolwork and less time stuck on a loading screen.”

The new computers are faster and have better components than the older ones.

“The newer ones are significantly faster and better than before,” Doud said. “The older ones were not up to date for modern standards, and this year there should be less printer and login issues, allowing students to use the computers more effectively for schoolwork.”