Ask Andy: How to get ready for Black Friday

Andy tackles your most challenging problems from the guy's perspective.
Andy tackles your most challenging problems from the guy’s perspective.

How should I approach black Friday shopping?

Normally when shopping, there is a challenge between the shopper and the products they are buying. However, when is comes to the day after Thanksgiving on Black Friday, you are in a war not only between yourself and the product, but you must also fend off the other shoppers trying to steal your prize.

The best way to get you in the right mindset for some midnight shopping is to watch inspirational movies about similar battles such as “Braveheart,” “Saving Private Ryan” and “Jingle All The Way.” You need to passionate enough to drop elbows to get your hands on the toys and purchases that you want.

When you leave your home Thursday night, you cannot go into the war acting like a suburban housewife. Think of Rambo, John McClane or William Wallace when you go into the store so you do not feel bad when you dig your knee in the back of a grandma so you can keep her away from your gifts. The main idea of black Friday is to be ruthless and unforgiving.