Parts of ‘First Kill’ to be filmed at the high school


Megan Coffey


A movie starring Bruce Willis will be filmed at the high school this weekend. Willis will play a police officer trying to solve a kidnapping against a “ticking clock” in the action thriller “First Kill.” 

Shooting for the film, which began in late August and will run until about October, is based in Cincinnati but is being filmed partially in Granville, according to IMDB.

Principal Matt Durst discussed the process of the school being chosen as a shooting site, which included visits with the director, producer and members of the art department.

“We started meeting with them last Monday,” Durst said.

Durst also stated that many parts of the building are being used in specific scenes.

“They’re building a tunnel in the theatre right now,” Durst said. He added that the podium used to shoot a scene in front of St. Luke’s on Tuesday evening was borrowed from the theatre.

A small closet in the music hallway is being used as a bank vault, while the commons and front entrance are being used for unknown purposes.

“[Mr. Stanton] and I have been talking with them almost every day since the beginning of last week,” Durst said.

Durst is very excited about the crew working in the school and has promised to aid them in any way he can; such as coordinating schedules and making sure they have access to the school.

“I offered to lend my artistic talent as an actor and was quickly turned down,” Durst said.