New tennis courts give team the advantage


Hannah Dear


The tennis courts are being remodeled after years of disrepair.

Construction began this past spring after the courts were cracked and the nets were worn out.

“We got to the point where cracks were getting larger and larger and it affected the play of the game,” Athletic Director Kevin Jarrett said.

The district chose to center around the tennis courts and previously unpaved parking lot when improving the various school facilities needing attention.

“We’re basically rebuilding,” Tennis Coach Keith Mullins said. “We tore up everything for the new courts.”

This project is no small feat. The school board has had to allocate considerable funds for the tennis courts.

“The total cost of the infrastructure project was $512,105,” Director of Human Resources and Operations Tonya Sherburne said.

Several of the girls on Granville’s tennis team this season said they were thrilled about the construction.

“It’s long overdue,” senior captain Kate Ginise said. “They’ve been really cracked and everything for the past couple years so I’m very excited.”

However, the construction of the courts has been delayed and has extended half way through the girls’ tennis season.

“I know it’s not going to happen overnight, but I do know that they had planned this a long time ago so I’m a little nervous,” senior captain Grace Hartshorn said. “We’ll play it by ear I guess!”

The girls’ tennis team is currently playing on Denison University’s courts until the construction is completed.

“They’re so close so they’re pretty much just like the home,” freshman Sarah Wallenfelsz said. “It’s a nice facility so it’s nice to play here.”

The courts should be finished sometime in September.

As Jarrett says, “In construction you always prepare for the worst but expect the best.”