Final finishing brings gym floor saga to an end


Elena Fruechtnicht


With a clank, the bat struck the softball and hit a one in a million target: a sprinkler. As the gym floor flooded, the fire department and school staff rushed to get all the water off the floor. It was too late. The damage under the wood floor was already done.

It has taken over one year to repair the damage.

Two summers ago contractors finished the gym floors after the softball accident; however, there were some issues with the new floor. These issues happened when the company the school worked with, Final Floors, hired some subcontractors to work on the floor, according to Principal Matt Durst.

“They did some things that were not correct,” Durst said. “Some of the lettering was wrong, some of the lines weren’t straight. Things like that, that are pretty important.”

According to Durst, the school talked to Final Floors last fall and they agreed to come out and make the necessary changes. The mistakes the subcontractors made weren’t any deeper than the surface, meaning that instead of spending another year taking out the floor, they just sanded down the top of the floor and repainted it.

“They don’t want to put out a product they’re not proud of,” Durst said. “They were agreeable to coming back and taking care of that.”

According to Durst, school insurance covered all of the cost.

Many students were excited that this project was finally complete.

“I think it’s really, really, really nice,” junior Kayla Braden said. “I’m glad that we could put effort forth into that.”