Blue Aces Narrowly Defeat Green Wave


Chris Volzke


In an unusual nighttime game, the football team played a close scrimmage against the Newark Catholic Green Wave. The Blue Aces managed to beat out the Green Wave with a score of 21-20.

Last Friday, Granville traveled to Newark High School’s White Field to battle Newark Catholic in a pre-season scrimmage. Originally the game was scheduled to take place at Granville High School at 7 pm, but do to field conditions the game was moved to 10 pm at Newark.

But even with the change in location and late start time, Granville fans were not deterred from coming to the game. The student section was filled with Granville students of all grade levels. And the Granville players were ready for the game.

Senior Lineman Mathieu Holt said that the scrimmage would be “nothing more than a W for the Wolf Pack.”

The game was shorter than normal season games due to the fact that it was only a scrimmage. But both teams treated it like it was a regular season game by keeping their starters in the entire game. The game remained close in score till the end.

With less than one minute on the clock, the Green Wave drove the ball into the end zone to bring the score to 21-20. Then they lined up for the extra point.

When the ball went up, it wasn’t quite on target. It knocked off the right post and came crashing down into the end zone, and the Green Wave didn’t get the point.

“At first I thought there was no way that it was happening,” said senior linebacker Jake Purdy.

To end the game, the Blue Aces held onto the ball and ran a few more plays to run down the clock, securing a close win for the Blue Aces.

The team feels confident for the future after the win.

“This season we are going to be a lot better, faster, and just all around a much better team,” said senior lineman David Parkinson.

The Wolf Pack, the team’s theme for the year, is led by seniors, Jake Purdy, Mathieu Holt, Jake and Jack Peterson and Nick Kurek.