The not-so-identical twins


Anna Minton


Juniors Jack and Jake Peterson are identical twins that seem to be the exact same person. The brothers are commonly known for being rather similar in school and athletics. Many people who have not met them yet would assume that they have the same exact personality. Therefore it is important to separate these two identical twins because their identities are shockingly different.

The identical twins are commonly known for their athletic talent and their brains. From these two aspects, many people have already judged that they are basically the same person. Countless times, other students will describe them as the same exact person, and that they cannot tell them apart. The same questions were asked to the brothers, and all their responses differed.

Beginning with Jake Peterson, he is the older of the two twins. Focusing on his athletic career, his favorite sport is baseball, and he said:

“But it’s a hard decision between baseball and football.” Jake Peterson is a starter in football and baseball, and is a great athlete, and has potential to be a college athlete. Jake then went on talking about the colleges he is considering, and he said:

“The ones I am considering right now are Coastal Carolina University, and Cincinnati.” Lastly, he went on to say that he plans on continuing either of the sports he play, and he said:

“Yeah I am hoping to, if I do not get any offers then I will definitely try to walk on somewhere.” From the effort, and amount of work he puts in, there is a definite possibility that Jake will be a college athlete.

Then I asked Jack Peterson, the younger brother, the same questions. Jack’s response to his favorite sport was blunt and straight forward; he said:

“Football.” Jack has been recognized by the county many times for his outstanding performance, but based off of his academics, he talked about the schools he is looking at, and said:

“I like The Ohio State University a lot.” OSU is commonly known for their sports teams with being one of the national contenders in almost every sport. He then went on to describe his plans to play sports in college, and he said:

“I am going to try and walk on to The Ohio State football team, or their baseball team.” Jack has received many awards as a football player being one of the best receivers in the county for the past two years.

Their responses to the questions were almost completely different, minus the idea that they may want to try and walk on to the sports teams at the college they will attend. With the differences between the twins, many of their friends would agree that they can easily tell them apart, and realize that their personalities and beliefs differ.

Junior Alex Eckels who is a good friend to Jake and Jack, and plays football with them said:

“They are completely different; both of them have different personalities,” and he went on to say, “Jake is also a little smaller than Jack, but has beat Jack in races.”

In theory, there may be something with identical twins that causes them to become rather different. Though they look alike, people who get to know the brothers will realize that they are very different brothers, and their personalities are not similar. The main similarity that exists between the brothers is the common idea of hard work and competition. Throughout their lives, they have been constantly competing against one another, and this has caused both of them to become outstanding athletes and students. Both of the Peterson brothers have bright futures ahead of them.