Nutri-bar worker has been on TV twice


AnnDe Cook


Not many people can say that they have been on TV, let alone say they’ve been on TV twice, but Robert R. Foster can. Many people just call him Foster, this is Fosters first year working at Granville, and so far it’s working out well. Most students who talk to Foster immediately like him because of his outgoing personality.

Foster grew up in Los Angeles, California, and lived there for quite some time. In 2005, when Foster was 20 years old he was shopping with friends in Melrose when he spotted Jay Leno, a famous talk show host. Leno was running a show called “The Tonight Show.” He was doing a segment on his show called Jay walking where he went around asking the public questions on Melrose Boulevard.

Anyone who wanted to have a possibility of being on his show could walk up to Jay and asked to be questioned, Foster saw this and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. He walked up to him a little shaky and asked to be apart, Jay of course agreed.

Later that same year Foster found himself on Melrose Boulevard once again, and spots Jay Leno, again.

“It gave me major déjà vu” said Foster recalling the celebrity spotting. Once again Foster walks up, and asks to be a part of the show.

Foster was more confident this time having done it once before fairly recently. Foster doesn’t remember the questions, or if he answered them correctly because it was so long ago, all he knows is that they were trivial questions. He didn’t receive any rewards for participating except for being on television. “It was really cool to watch myself on TV with a celebrity, but also a little weird at the same time to watch myself and know so many others are watching me too.”

Foster is friendly with all his coworkers, but because of the short amount of time he’s been working there they do not know him well, according to Fosters boss Jon Haurbaugh.

When I asked Jon to describe how it was like to work with Foster he said that Foster was very personable, friendly, and always looks happy to be at work. Jon also described Foster as a very hard worker.