School scores an A on state report card


It may come as no surprise to many that the high school has received an A grade on its report card from the state once again.

On this report card Granville met all 24 state standards, receiving an A overall for this academic school year. The school received seven A grades and two C grades, compared to last year’s seven A grades, one B and one C.

The administration is very proud of this accomplishment said Assistant Principal Mr. Scott Carpenter.

“Considering all of the new requirement changes, it was more demanding and I am proud of the district for rising to the challenge,” said Carpenter.

Although receiving As on report cards seems to come naturally for Granville High School, there is always room for improvement. No school can be perfect and Carpenter is well aware of this.

“There is always room for improvement,” Carpenter said. “The big thing is going to be to make sure these freshmen are ready for the new test requirements.”

The state of Ohio has made new requirement changes for this year’s freshman class that dramatically alter the graduation requirements, which is one of Carpenters main concerns. The real question is how are we going to make these changes happen?

“We need to take in consideration new testing given by the state,” Carpenter said. “Provide our teachers with enough information about these tests as possible and make sure they feel comfortable enough with this material so they teach these kids properly how to do well on these tests.”

This concept is much easier said than done. Not only is this a huge commitment for district but the teachers as well. These new requirements are foreign to them too and sometimes it’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks, which Carpenter is well aware of.

“What we have to understand is there is a possibility of a learning curve which could set us back a bit, but that’s normal,” Carpenter said. “I do think our school will do just fine though.”

As for next year’s report card, we will have to wait and see but, hopefully, good old Granville will keep its A streak.