‘The Jungle Book’ swings into theaters


Gillian McCracken


Even from a young age, the fictional book The Jungle Book written by Rudyard Kipling was a childhood classic. Not only was it filled with adventure, but was filled with action and heartwarming parts of friendship and family. This year The Jungle Book was released as a movie directed by Jon Favreau.

From the beginning of the movie, it was filled with action and adventure from all of the characters. The main character Mowgli was taken in as a child and was taken care of by a pack of wolves and a panther named Bagheera and had lived with them as they trained him to be a man-cub and survive as a wolf.

When the main water hole that is used for survival is drained to show the “peace rock”, which represents the peace treaty between all of the jungle animals. All is well until the tiger Shere is threatened by Mowgli as he fears that the child will turn and attack the jungle with fire which is known as the “red flower” to the animals.

As Bagheera fears that Mowgli will get hurt, he sends him away to go back to his village and live a life there. On his adventure back to his village, he runs into a black bear named Baloo. Baloo is selfish, lazy, and likes to use others to get the work done for him. Baloo convinces Mowgli to help him store honey for the winter as he goes into hibernation, but in reality Bagheera knows that bears in the jungle do not go into hibernation.

Later on, as Shere tries to take over the wolf pack, he causes some trouble that Baloo and Bagheera know about but have not told Mowgli. Mowgli feels betrayed and runs away to go and fight Shere to get back at him for the damage he had caused.

At the end of the movie Mowgli and his friends try and get back their village, and decide he is better off living with them than he is with the people in the village. Looking at the movie from a teenager perspective that grew up with the book and the cartoon, the new movie definitely filled my thoughts of how it appeared in my mind as a child. The graphics and scenes were amazing; filled with action, love, and friendship. If you get the chance to go see the movie, I would highly recommend seeing it.