5 reasons to take Journalism next year


One of highlights of the year is attending the OSMA State Convention at Kent State University in April. Staff Photo by Anna Minton.

Ashlyn Brockway


Journalism is not a widely known class, but is something worth looking into. You can learn a lot about yourself as writer. Journalism also gives you the chance to meet new people and create new friendships. Here are the top five reasons to take Journalism next year:

  1. Writing: You will not only learn new things about your writing technique, but what topics you strive in discussing. You also make great improvements in your ability to be descriptive in your writing.
  2. Events: This class is a way to find out about all that is happening in the school. You have to fact check everything you do; that way what you post is factual, not just gossip.
  3. Friends: Journalism is a great way to meet people that you never would have met before. This class brings in a wide variety of personalities, and you start talking and working with people that you never thought you would become friends with.
  4. Responsibility: In Journalism, you pick your own stories, but you have a deadline of when it’s due. You are not constantly being checked up on, so you are held to your accountable to be able to turn things in on time.
  5. Mrs. Tolbert: She will help you out if you’re struggling with a certain story. She is very understanding of students struggles because she knows you’re still growing as a writer. She is also very funny and easy to get along with, making the class even better.