Sports fan shows support for local team

Sports fan shows support for local team

Cole Jaquith

John Daugherty, a Granville resident, is the biggest sports fan you’ve probably never heard of.

Daugherty, or JD for short, has two nephews who attend the high school, Patrick (sophomore) and Nathan (freshman) Chaykowski, who both play football and lacrosse for the high school and Newark Generals varsity team.

Daugherty was born with mental disabilities, but is still able to live a relatively normal life. He works for Lyco Manufacturing and has an assistant who drives him to work and takes him to do fun activities.

Daugherty’s biggest claim to fame is a huge Newark Generals fan. Last season he could be found wearing his Generals’ jacket with “Coach JD” embroidered on the collar at every practice and home game as well as nearly every away game.

“Everyone on the team likes having JD around and so do the coaches. They always invite him in for team meals and joke about getting him on the ice with us,” said senior John Hays.

When the Generals are playing, he makes sure the team knows he’s supporting them.

“He’s always there to open the door and give everyone on the team a fist bump” said junior Luke Stewart “Before the games, he likes to mess around with the guys outside the locker room and it helps keep everyone loose.”

During games, Daugherty is as close to the action as he can get and if he’s talking to someone, it’s about what’s happening on the ice.

Daugherty is also an assistant coach for the Denison University club hockey team.

“He really just loves hockey; the rink is like his second home. The Generals are his favorite team but he loves being on the bench during Denison games too,” said Patrick.

It isn’t just hockey that Daugherty enjoys, he also follows football, which Patrick and Nathan both play as well.

“He knows the scores from all of the local games and he always makes sure I know,” said Nathan.

When Daugherty isn’t watching hockey or checking football scores, he plays video games at home.

“He loves to play any game that has to do with sports. NBA, NFL, NHL, you name it and JD probably plays it,” said Patrick.

Nathan and Patrick are currently the only two Chaykowskis on the varsity roster, but Daugherty’s days of rooting for the Generals are far from over. Three younger Chaykowski brothers are bound for the Newark Generals program as well, which means that the Generals get the pleasure of having Daugherty’s support for many years to come.