Coffee Culture: 5 Bean Coffee


Morgan Prachar


If you’re ever in the mood for a small trip and some very good coffee, 5 Bean Coffee is the place to go. Macey joined me again on another coffee adventure as we are nearing the end of our journey to find the perfect coffee shop. 5 Bean Coffee is located in Reynoldsburg which is about 20 minutes away and it was extremely easy to find and wasn’t difficult to get to, even in rush hour traffic.

5 Bean (5)

Upon entering the strip of shops that 5 Bean is located within we noticed the drive through which would be very convenient if you were just passing through on your way to another location. Outside the door they had a sign that read “a coffee a day keeps the grumpy away,” which in my opinion is the perfect sign to be outside of a coffee shop, I mean who wouldn’t be happy without a nice coffee in hand.

When you get inside you will notice the at-home feel you get, there are fairy lights lining the counters and the chalkboard labeled bins of their products. Unlike most coffee shops I’ve been to this one also had a range of loose leaf tea for those who prefer tea over coffee. When getting to the front counter the staff members were super friendly and quick to take our orders and while you waited for your drink the front counter also has a range of tempting treats to consider, that seem almost like they’re calling your name.

The menu contains mostly coffee drinks but has a wide non-coffee selection ranging from tea to Italian sodas, hot chocolate and smoothies. The regular size was perfect and for the frozen drinks was also very filling but for the espresso and a few frozen drinks they have sizes small to large. Most drinks only come in regular and large but the drinks aren’t overwhelmingly sweet or rich and the sizes are perfect for a perfect pick up.

Macey ordered a frozen hot chocolate which she was very excited about, “I’ve always wanted one.” Boring said, “but no one ever serves them and this is super good.”  Frozen hot chocolates are very rare to find in small coffee shops and this one was labeled exclusive to 5 Bean Coffee. Macey stated that her drink did not just taste like powder that was put into a blender to make.

I ordered a frozen 5 Bean mocha, which is also labeled as exclusive to that shop. The drink tasted like a 5 Bean (3)white mocha with caramel drizzled in the cup and on top of the whipped cream, although I don’t like caramel all the time,  when it was mixed with the drink it was the perfect touch. The drink was super rich and filling but completely worth the drive.

 The interior of the shop had plenty of seating and didn’t seem like a place you would find in a strip mall, they had cute coffee cups, shirts and accessories available for purchase. Although it is a 20 minute drive, I would highly suggest stopping in whether you are just looking for something to do or passing it on the way to another location. The menu has something for everyone and treats to go along with each one.